About us

Welcome to Barnaflat

Our company is created to meet their needs in renting property in one of the most important cities in the world, Barcelona.


Modern and professional

Our company is created to satisfy your property rental needs in one of the most important cities in the world, Barcelona. Barnaflat is characterized by being a modern, professional company, with extensive experience within the real estate sector and its staff to meet the exact needs of each client.

Our company philosophy is present in every business relationship we serve, always offering transparency, trust and excellent service to our clients in order to find the positive formula for all those who trust in our work.


Tenant services

If you're looking for the rental of any property and believe that none is sufficient to fit your needs through Barnaflat possible.

Our main function is to satisfy your needs through a customized course, direct and. Just ask us what you're looking for and effectively help in the search, contact the owner, lease management and everything that you need until the end of the real estate process.

There is a place for you somewhere in Barcelona property. Are you going to keep waiting?


Owner Services

Barnaflat also provides a unique service to its own customers in order to easily and effectively find a tenant for your property so.

The city of Barcelona offers endless possibilities and with the help of our team is possible without any worry, all necessary management between landlord and tenant.

Through our company you can relax so that we take care of the rent from the acquisition, rehabilitation, publishing, marketing, contracting and contract monitoring post your property to find the person who fits your preferences.